Marianne Nielsen

Påskelilje, 2017

(Daffodil, 2017)
CLAY’s park

Photo: Ole Akhøj


The ceramicist Marianne Nielsen is fascinated by the flower as an icon.  She wants to draw attention to the very idea of a flower and of a vase. The flower is figurative and easy to recognize. The vase in itself is not quite as easy to identify but the overall experience of the work is that of a classic motif: a-flower-in-a-vase.

The motif is so trivial that it might seem difficult to give it an independent and new meaning. Yet, Marianne Nielsen’s daffodil is surprising both because of the oversized flower, the stylized shapes and the synthetic colours which bring it closer to pop art and kitsch in its expression.

Nielsen’s work highlights our experience of the collision between the phenomena of nature and culture.

Marianne Nielsen, Daffodil, 2017
Stoneware faience, 190 x 74 x 57 cm
The CLAY Collection

Donation from A.P. Møller Foundation


Movie: CLAY Keramikmuseum og Tommerup Keramiske Værksted, 2017

CLAY’s park

Photo: Ole Akhøj